Latest Release (1.02)
To download the binary release (most everybody will want this), go here.

System Requirements:
- A moderately fast computer (perhaps younger than 5 years?).
- An installed copy of the JRE, version 1.4.2 or higher.

Some quick notes while you're waiting:
- This is a beta release. While the code has been put through some use, it's still possible (likely) that you will encounter a bug here and there. Feel free to help out by telling me about any problems you encounter.
- For a quick guide on getting started with QII, visit the help section.

Source Code (for the technically inclined)
Downloading and compiling the source from SVN has the benefit of letting you preview all the features coming in the next release before it's officially out. The downside is that it's somewhat more likely that you will encounter bugs.

Linux/Unix/Mac users:

1) To download the code (requires svn):
$ svn co

2a) To compile the code into a .jar (requires Ant and the JDK):
$ cd qii/qii/build
$ chmod +x
$ sh

3a) To run the jar:
$ java -jar qii.jar

2b) Alternate: To instead compile the code into .class files (just requires the JDK):
$ cd qii/qii
$ javac
(The other .java files will also compile automatically)

3b) To run the .class files:
$ java qii

Windows Users:

Try using this program to get the code.