What is QII?
The Queer IRC Interface is a way for people to connect to Gay.com's chat rooms without having to open a browser. It is written in Java, and uses moepII/IRClib as a codebase.

What are its features?
Here's a short list, in no particular order:
- Buddy List (talk to your buddies, even if you are an unpaid member)
- Ignore List
- Profile Viewer
- Away System
- Logging
- Tab completion
- Custom Color/Font Schemes
- Rooms List with Favorites and Autojoin
- Ability to join only join Primary Rooms (easier hammering)
- No Ads, No Nags

Who is working on it? (Contact info here)
You can get in touch with me through SourceForge's email system (requires SF login).

Where can I get it?
You can grab a copy in the downloads section. Instructions to obtaining the source code (via CVS) can also be found there.

What other Gay.com clients are out there?
Here is a list of other unofficial Gay.com clients:
- Gaym - A plugin for Gaim, an awesome multi-protocol IM client. Open source, runs on anything that Gaim can handle.
- Chattage - Windows only, closed source.
- gccc - Runs on anything with Java, closed source (although it is available on request). Similar to Gay.com's official interface.
- Chat Client - Lin/Win/Mac binaries, 15 second nag screen begging for money, closed source.

Where is the icon from?
I got one of the little people from the Crystal SVG icon set. I then copied it a few times, colorized the copies, then arranged them into the hexagon that you see now.

How'd you do this site?
See for yourself! Go here to view the site's PHP source code.